May 7, 2010

Audio Impression@The Summit USJ.

The shop front of Audio Impression.

Still on the topic of The Summit USJ, the other hifi dealer there is Audio Impression. It is located at Lot 2.31, Level 2, The Summit USJ. You can't miss it, as the place is right in front of the elevators leading up to the GSC Cinema concourse. This place is run by David and Roy on rotation basis.
The budget hifi display and demo area.

System on demo, Teac T1 CD player, Carat amplifier, and Eltax speakers.

The main entrance of the shop is dedicated to budget and consignment gear display. Audio Impression sells new Marantz, Denon, Carat electronics and Amphion speakers in the budget hifi range. They also stock a huge range of pre-owned consignment hifi for those who are budget restricted.

Stage 3 cables, the Baron AG was once my reference cables.

Audio Impressions are also dealers for Kubala Sosna and Stage 3 high end cables. These are the truly boutique cables brands that any audiophile worth his salt should try. Any chances for a review Roy?

A closer look at the well built Carat amplifier.

This is where the big boys play!

The main demo room is reserved for the absolute high end stuff like the Swedish Statement range which includes Bladelius electronics and Marten Design speakers. Again there's also a smattering of used consignment pre-owned high end gears from Classe, Krell, Audio Research, Pass Labs, Bryston plus Swan, and Focus Audio speakers. In fact, if you need to look for certain specific high end gears, Roy can help you track it down too.
An interesting consignment stock in the form of an Audio Note integrated amp.

The ever popular Marantz hifi range for the budget restricted crowd.

An ol' skool Bryston 2B-LP and Roksan Kandy amplifier.

Amphion and Swan speakers side by side. By the way, the Swan is really good value for money for those with big rooms!

More Amphion.

Some of the digital gear on consignment. Oldie but goodie!

Remember Halfler amps? They were pretty good stuff back then in the80's and 90's.

At time of writing this article, Roy is also considering bringing in Coda amplifiers. I find both Roy and David to be very friendly and knowledge able hifi guys who will always have ready answers to your every questions!

Marten Design speaker.

More consignment high end collection! The Bladelius Saga pre amp looks really familiar?

Not only hifi gears, Audio Impressions also has some of audiophile most sorted after CD gem collections on sale. Mostly stuff that are hard to find else where!

For enquiries, please call Roy at 012-3890333 or e-mail them at

For now, we end our Summit USJ hifi dealer focus, with hope that more will set up shop there. As Roy puts it, the more the merrier!

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