May 5, 2010

Hifi@The Summit USJ.

The Summit USJ. A new hifi heaven?

Yes, and I am not kidding! The Summit Shopping Complex located in the middle class suburb of USJ has quietly opened it's doors to not one, but two hifi outlets. First to set up shop is Acoustic Arts, which sells some very nice tube amps, speakers and cables.

Audio Impressions recently followed suit and they represent Swedish Statement range of brands plus a few other interesting cable brands.

I've also heard some speculation that a third player specialising in vinyl replay and LPs will be joining in the fun soon at The Summit USJ! That, can only be good news to us hifi kakis, always looking for a new place to hang out.

I am looking forward to feature them as our next two dealer focus articles, and lastly let us welcome them both in to the ever growing Hifi-Unlimited friendly dealers.

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