May 27, 2010

Proud of You, Dude!

I don't know how this can happen, the JZ8 album is just out yesterday and the review is already out in Taiwan's Audio Art June 2010 Issue. ML, the Taiwanese sure love you a lot!

Basically, the reviewer/editor reckons this is one superb album from Malaysia and he has two thumb-ups for Ldyia Chew and Tay Cher Siang!

Really, we don't need the Taiwanese to tell us how good are Malaysian musicians and Malaysian Hi-Fi, we should first support our own musicians!

We just congratulated ML on this good news and he told us that his bank account is depleted due to all these expensive projects. Poor dude. So, audiophiles, if you want to see Malaysian audiophile productions flying high in international Hi-Fi arena, you owe it to yourself to support ML and his team of musicians! It will be embarrassing if all the accolades and recognition come from overseas and not from ourselves.

We at Hi-Fi Unlimited have already done our part!


old said...
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old said...

Pressed the wrong button. Thanks for the CD Willy. Best wishes. SM

Kain Sicilian said...

Bought the CD after listening to it in Harris and I must say it's beautiful. More so, I'm surprised that it's actually locally produced. Great work!