June 28, 2010

AV Designs Launches TAD R-1 In Malysia.

AV Designs has been chosen by Pioneer to represent their TAD range of high end loud speakers. TAD has been very popular in the professional world, but has only recently started their assault on the high end stereo market.
The pre demo chat. James(the baldie on the right!) explaining some of the TAD's finer details to the corwd.

AV Designs launched the TAD R-1 flag ship speakers, costing no less than RM$280k on the weekend. They had invited members of the press(yes, that includes us audio bloggers now!) and selected potential clients.
TAD R-1, the star of the show.

The supporting cast, by Bryston.

More heavy lifting by Bryston.

The TAD R-1 speakers was supported by the cast of Bryston amplifiers and sources. It starts with a Bryston BCD-1 used as CD transport only, feeding digital data to a BDA-1 DAC unit. The converted analog signal is sent to a BP-26 pre amp, and lastly amplified by the big bad 28B SST mono block amps. The whole system is powered via a Torus Power RM16A PLC unit.
The full demo system.

The critics evaluating the TAD's performance.

The music order of the day was mostly ROCK!, as pre launch chatter had indicated that many thought the TAD can't do rock, but other wise a fine audiophile speaker. James decided to take the bulls by the horns(or was it the balls?). Whatever it was, the critics were proven wrong as the TAD could definitely rocked and rolled very loud and clear, with out restrain. He brought out The Who, Scorpions, Led Zedppelin and Deep Purple.

How can a demo of a flag ship audiophile loud speaker happen without playing some firm crowd favourites? Tsai Ching, Aurora, Sheffield Lab demo CD, and some classical performances were also thrown in to thew mix, to confirm the TAD's audiophile credentials.

A great week end made better with good sound, excellent music, fine foods and most of all in the company of like minded friends.

Do contact James of AV Designs at 03-21712828 for an audition appointment.


Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

I was fortunate enough to drop by at the AV Designs TAD R1 soft launch yesterday.In few words, nice hosts (James & Tony), great food, excellent coffee and a good turn out of familiar faces and not.

The TAD R1 rocks! Literally.. Viceral to a fault, electric bass was immediate and weighty. Vocals had an uncanny "live" like feel and the scale of things are always presented correctly despite the sheer size of the speakers. Bass notes were particularly clean and slam factor is at an all time high. One of the most transparent speakers I've come across. I am reminded of studio quality sound, where everything is direct, immediate with no over-hang or bloom. Timing and staging is excellent and never wavered. It does sax excellently, drums beautifully, piano stoicly, vocals realistically, strings emotionally and bass ...oh bass....just give me more....

The R1 goes loud! Deafeningly loud mind you. My ears reached threshold before the system bottomed out.

My private session playing Paul Van Dyk was particularly satisfying. The R1's timing and speed at the hether region is superb. Never missing a beat at 133bpm and at exceedingly loud volumes, I suspect somewhat contributed to the Bryston electronics.

I went away very impressed particularly the even handed weight across the entire frequency bandwidth giving musical instruments just the right presence. Everything is just about right. If there is any nit picking, given the size, I would have preferred the low bass section to be a tad more free, to have more edge or rawness. But that's just speaking for my own preferrence.

IMHO, if you are looking for a good reference speakers and have the room and equipment, the TAD R1 is an excellent reference speakers to have.

The Wise One said...

HiFi Unlimited, CCS and the rest of you who were presnt, how is the TAD when compared to similar priced speakers, eg JM Labs Grand Utopia BE, Wilson Grand Slams, Dynaudio Evidence, etc? How would you rate the TADs in terms of value worthiness?

Big E said...


The TAD R-1 is lower cost than the Focal Grande Utopia EM and Wilson Grand Slam.

The TAD however is right in the ball park of the Dynaduio Evidence in terms of price.

Both the lower priced models are just as transparent and refined as the other two more expensive design. Both the cheaper speakers will likely lose out to the bigger boys only in slam and absolute dynamics, and low frequency extention dept.,only in the best case scenario.

Other things like room compatibility and amplifier partnering choice would further dictate the speaker's performance.

Of the four speakers you mention, there are no lemons, only excellence waiting to be unleashed!

Only your musical taste and hifi preference will be the final arbiter of choice.

You up grading?