June 14, 2010

Coda & Eminent Technology Shows Up.

Coda CSI B integrated amp. Look out for it's first Malaysian review here soon.

Coda Technologies has re-appeared in the Malaysian high end audio scene, courtesy of Audio Impression. Roy Wong, boss of the establishment located in the Summit USJ recalls one of very his own Coda amps in the late 80's. They gave great sound, reliable, and best of all, excellent value. Therefore, when offered the chance to represent Coda Technologies here, he confidently step up. The first product that Roy had brought in is the CSI B integrated amp. This 300w @ 8 ohms rated amp doubles up it's output in to 4 ohms! I have been given the honour to review this great product.
Eminent Technologies LFT-8, hybrid planar/woofer design.

Along with the Coda amp, came Eminent Technologies hybrid panel/woofer loud speakers. The first model in is the LFT-8. When I heard the Coda/Eminent combo, fed by a capable source like a Krell CD player, I thought this is pretty good too. When I heard that the Eminent speakers retailed for just slightly below RM$12k a pair, my jaw dropped! This is seriously good sound for the money.
Back view of the LFT-8, note the sloping rear box design for non-symmetrical panel surface to aid woofer back wave dispersion.

However, going thru the spec on the Eminent Technologies www, I realised this pair of speakers are pretty taxing on amplification. The fact that an integrated like the Coda CSI B can power it to satisfactory levels of performance and volume, says a lot about the amplifier design.
The LFT-8 allows bi-amping. Plenty of up grade options to shape the sound of your system, I am thinking tube power for the mid/tweeter input and Krell power for woofer input, for heart melting tonality and superior bass control. Hmmm.............

When in Summit USJ, do pay Audio Impression a visit, even if it's just to browse. Roy and David are very, very friendly and enthusiastic fellas.

Contact Roy for an appointment at 012-3890333

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