June 26, 2010

Power Outlet for My New Room

I am in the process of renovating my new house. Yes, finally I am doing that, after about a lapse of about a year since we acquired it.

I am looking at setting up my system in one of the rooms, and have gotten the contractor to pull 2 dedicated power line into the room, directly from the DB. PuchongWong suggested that I used copper cables that are 6mm in diameter (if my conversion is correct, this is about 3AWG), capable of handling 30A of current , which I have duly instructed my contractor to do so too. The MCB for these outlets will be changed to Hager.

Next up is to select a wall outlet to install. I have been using JPS's duplex wall outlet for a few years and am a very satisfied user. It is also a cost effective choice (JPS is available from Centre Circle Audio). So one of the two will be JPS, the other I'd like to be something else. There are many choices out there of course. I decided to consult Big E, who told me to consider SINE or Furutech.
Hi-Way Laser is more convenient for me to get to, so I went there to buy a SINE duplex power outlet (list price RM389).

The SINE power outlet's construction quality is impressive. It is apparently cryo treated at -196 degree C. The metal parts, as you can see from the photo, is gold plated. It feels solid and came with a metal faceplate.

My contractor still have a few weeks to finish his job. I was itchy-handed, so I decided to press the SINE outlet into use at my current place.

In use, the SINE outlet bite onto the plug tightly and created a secured fit. Compared to the half-the-price JPS, the SINE seem to make the system sound just slightly more quiet, more sure-footed. The extension on both ends of the spectrum was excellent. The JPS is slightly more inclined to 'jump' for impact, while the SINE has a slightly calmer demeanour. Again, it is a matching game, choose the one that suits your musical taste best.

It is interesting for me to note that for not too much an outlay (as far as hifi equipment is concerned), there was a discernible effect significant enough and comparable to, say, changes in cables, and various kinds of equipment stands and tweaks like cones.

*Get a qualified electrician to help you if you want to change your power outlet, electricity can kill

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