June 24, 2010

RCA Cap Capper.

Since my post on the subject of RCA Cap Wars and tweak, my objectivist audio buddy, Wilson Wong has been having a field day with my supposedly heavenly gift of "God's" pair of ears. He later asked me a question that had me stumped.

He asked, should a pre amp designer include more extra RCA or XLR inputs and outputs than required for better sound?

I thought about the question for a week or so, then I came to this conclusion. My answer to Wilson Wong will be this.

Should a pre amp be equipped with more input and outputs than required, then at the very least, I have one more option to tweak the sound to suit my system synergy and musical taste for best results. If a pre amp does not have any extra input or outputs, and so happens if one does not like the sound, there's nothing much one can do, except, to work with other tweaks such as isolation cones, cables and power management. However, those are another three cans of worms best left un opened for now.

Here's to more input and outputs galore. He!He!

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