February 13, 2011

Dry Clean LPs? Nitty Gritty Model 1.5 LP Cleaning System.

Nitty Gritty Model 1.5 Cleaning System. It only has a simple 2 way switch to operate.

Even though I've been talking a lot about computer audio lately, I still have one foot securely grounded to vinyl. Sometime ago, my buddy CK, up graded his record cleaner and I am the benefactor of his slightly used Nitty Gritty Model 1.5 cleaning system. I never quite got the chance to use it until recently, when a few of my highly played and very dirty LPs from the 80's were re-visited.
The Nitty Gritty Model 1.5 is rather basic, but has all the essentials to make LP cleaning a do-able chore. The mini platter on the right is where the record goes on to and the little idler driver wheel just right aft the foam panel spins it at a controlled rate.

The Pure 2 cleaning solution came as part of the sale package. It alcohol free and does not have any odour.

A plastic drip tray slides beneath to take care of excess cleaning fluids. At the price per bottle, I'd use them very sparingly. So far, the drip tray remains dry when in use.

One needs to squirt a little cleaning solution all round on to the cleaning foam, with vacuum suction in the center slot.

Put the LP on the small platter, clip the idler driver wheel towards the edge of the record, press the switch and wait for it to spin for five rounds, then press the same switch again, this time in reverse, to turn on the suction vacuum. Allow to spin another 5 rounds to completely dry the LP surface.

The surface of a dirty LP pre wash.

Post wash!

It took me a good 45 minutes to clean four of my favorite 80's LPs.

I find that the cleaned LPs do benefit from an anti static shot of the Milty Zerostat 3.

The cleaned LPs benefited tremendously from the process. While it did not completely remove all the surface ticks and pops as we play, I felt as much as 80% of the dirt was removed.

The cleaned LPs are restored to their original glorious sound!(mostly). Not bad for an investment just shy of RM$1,000. An LP cleaning system is totally essential for the serious vinylphile, especially if one's collections has many rare and high value disc. An LP cleaning system can be an extremely sensible "used" buy.


The Wise One said...

Big E,

45 minutes just to clean 4 lps? At that rate, I'll be a very lucky man if I can still find the time to listen to my lps when I'm done with cleaning the whole lot of them!

Big E said...


This Nitty Gritty no-turbo version la!

I bought it just t clean some the dirty LPs that I wanna listen to. I don't intend to clean my whole collection.

I'd rather be listening to more music.

Amir_naufal said...

Big E, how much u charge to clean one LP? I need to clean some of my collections

Big E said...


Sorry to say that I am not in to the business of hifi or any sort of services like that.

The LP cleaner that I bought is for personal use only.

However, if you want, I think Audio Image offers record cleaning services at cost.

Kindly enquire by calling Adrian at 03- 79563077.

E-till systems said...

i have started a new business of a dry cleaners. and i need a new dry cleaners pos system for my business. can any one help me how to find.?