May 3, 2011

AV Designs' Definitive A/V cum Music System

Since I missed out on the launch of AV Designs' recently re-modelled main A/V room a few weeks ago (see Big E's post on March 23 "AV Designs Receives Award Of Excellence From PMC"), I decided to make a trip to see for myself the state-of-the-art setup.

The room was big and was tastefully and elaborately done up. The acoustic treatment was extensive and was cleverly incorporated into the room's deco, the liberal use of wood lent it a sense of class and warmth.

The front view. The screen is a Screen Research 126", curved 2.35:1 format screen. Hidden behind the screen doing centre channel duty is a PMC MB2 Active loudspeaker, which is equal to the top half of the 2 behemoths you see beside the screen, they are the PMC MB2-XBD Active loudspeakers.

The seats and the JVC DLA-RS60 3D Projector hung from the ceiling. Note also the wooden strips installed at the ceiling as diffusers

The side walls are also acoustically treated with a combination of absorption (the grey material) and diffusion (glass and wood)

The entire system is driven with a mind-boggling array of hardware, hidden behind two panes of door at the side of the room. You'd see a lot of Bryston-PMC power amps and crossover units for the active Left-Centre-Right channels.
For home theatre, there are the Pioneer SC-LX83 AV Receiver, Pioneer BDP-LX91 Blu-ray player and a Lumagen Radiance XS-3D Video Processor.
For 2-channel music, there are the TAD D600 disc player and the Bryston BP-26 pre-amp.

A Panamorph DC1 Horizontal Expansion Lens is placed in front of the projector to stretch the image to 2.35:1 format

The loudspeaker system consists of a pair of PMC MB2-XBD Active for stereo and a PMC MB2 for centre, ...

six pieces of PMC Wafer 2 for surround, and...

a pair of PMC TLE1 Subwoofers.

I also understand that this is the first A/V demo installation in Malaysia that does 2.35:1 format in 3D (note that this is different from the normal 16:9 format).

James first run a few concert Blu-rays as demo. The wide panoramic format created a sense of envelopment for the viewers. The resolution is of the usual high quality from AV Designs, the colours were punchy yet natural.

JVC's active (it has a battery embedded in the frame) 3D glasses required for 3D effect

James then switched to a 3D demo using the 3D Blu-ray version of Avatar. Rather than the battle scenes, he chose the subtle opening scene and the rich visual of Jake's first foray into the forest. The 3D effect was much better than what I got from watching this movie in a local cinema. The dimensionality and depth in the visual was amazing. There were also an explosion of details, I thought I could count every leaf on every tree in the forest scene if I had wanted to!

To close out the session, James played us some CDs. This system played stereo at a very high level too. The sound was very detailed and well balanced. it was also fast, impactful and dynamic when required. The bass was the best, it was punchy, well defined, and done without any overhang.

If you do visit AV Designs, this is an experience not to be missed.

Call AV Designs' James Tan 03-21712828 for a demo

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Wang said...

I went, I saw and I was conquered!

I thought the previous JBL Synthesis was good, this one just up-ed the ante on high end AV system.


Can't wait for the Bryston Processors to arrive...